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All Ceramic Crowns


Often the esthetic restoration of choice to cover all of a tooth or teeth to the gumline. They are used to:

  • Correct the color of very dark teeth
  • Restore severely decayed teeth or broken teeth
  • Restore root canal treated teeth
  • Correct moderate or severely rotated teeth

They can be made of a layered or pressed ceramic similar to a veneer or can be reinforced by other stronger ceramics such as zirconia depending on strength requirements. They require a more aggressive removal of tooth structure generally 1.5-2mm or more. Since they are ceramic in nature, their optical properties mimic natural enamel by allowing light transmission through the restoration (crown) and tooth. 

If multiple teeth are involved or a complete makeover of the smile is considered, a wax up will be done to assure maximum esthetics. (Please see ”Diagnostic Wax Up” in the Veneers section for a description)

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