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Composite Bonding


Bonding involves the direct application of tooth colored resins to the teeth. It is performed to:

  • Close spaces between teeth (diastemas)
  • Repair minor fractures of edges of incisors and canines
  • Reshaping of mis-shaped teeth
  • Altering color of teeth

It may involve minimal to no removal of tooth structure and is retained via a resin bond. It is the most conservative esthetic restoration.

In more involved bonding cases a wax-up is done. This allows for more precise placement of the resin and the ability to layer color and translucency. The wax- up requires replica models made from impressions of a Patient’s teeth. Wax is carefully shaped on the model on the teeth desired to be restored. The wax is carefully shaped to change shape to ideal. The wax-up allows for fabrication of a matrix to use as a guide in bonding in the mouth.

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