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Dental Treatment of Sleep Apnea


Dental treatment of sleep apneaDental treatment of sleep apnea involves oral appliances which move the lower jaw forward and hold it in place to keep a patient’s airway  open (mandibular advancement device or MAD). This uses similar airway opening which has been used in CPR courses for years advancing the jaw.

Oral appliance therapy has been well researched and has been found to be equally effective to CPAP in treating sleep apnea in mild to moderate cases. Additionally, most patients are more compliant to using and wearing oral apnea devices (MAD’s) and report a higher level of comfort.

Dental treatment of sleep apneaOur office uses different mandibular advancement devices (MAD’s) to treat sleep apnea because we realize that all patients are different and some devices work better for them that wouldn’t work for others. They eliminate being tethered to a CPAP machine and all of the difficulties and embarrassment that come with CPAP.

Most importantly, oral appliances can make you sleep better and make you healthier.

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