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The Dental Esthetic Makeover


The Dental Esthetic MakeoverIn creating the most natural and beautiful restorations we go the extra mile for our patients. It is important to have the ability for Patients, the Doctor and the Lab to be on the same page as to being able to visualize what the final result may be in the final smile.

This is done by means of a lab procedure done in our office (by the Doctor) known as a diagnostic wax-up. Replica models of a Patient’s teeth are made from standard dental impressions. The teeth which are to be transformed have tooth colored wax carefully molded to ideal shape, length and contour. The shape is previewed by the Patient and modifications are easily made if necessary.

The models once approved by the patients are used as a guide to make provisional (temporary) restorations. These acrylic provisionals when placed in the Patients mouth allow testing of desired esthetics and function. This is the trial run where a patient will have a general idea of how the final veneers will look and feel. At this point any necessary changes are easily made in the provisionals. Once approved by the Patient, an exact copy of the provisional restorations is sent to the Lab. This gives them a precise guide to forming the veneers as to the directives approved by the Patient and the Doctor.

This helps eliminate any guesswork as to the length contours and shape of the veneers. The Lab is then able to use their artistry in layering ceramic to make beautiful and lifelike veneers. Custom made esthetic “makeovers” have elements of translucency, color and life that mass produced restorations do not have. Without a wax up it is a guessing game by the lab as to what the final smile is to look like and the final results can be very unpredictable.

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