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Implant Supported Denture


When all of the teeth are lost most often a denture is worn to replace missing teeth. Conventional dentures are notorious for giving the wearer a feeling of insecurity as the teeth are prone to not feeling as stable as the natural teeth did. Often they resort to gooey pastes or creams to help retain the denture. The fact is though that a denture at best will give only ¼ the chewing efficiency of natural teeth.

A great solution for denture wearers is to use implant support to retain a denture. The surgically placed implants are anchored to the wearers bone allowing for a denture that more nearly approaches the feel of natural teeth. They most often are thinner than conventional dentures as they are able to be palateless. Without the plastic in the roof of the mouth, patients report greater comfort, less instance of gagging and enhanced taste of food.

They are held to the implant by a secure snap system which allows removal of the denture by the patient to clean.

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