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Treatment of Sleep Apnea


Treatment of sleep apneaThe “gold standard” in treatment of apnea has long involved use of a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. This machine uses air pressure to keep a patients airway open and thus prevent apneic events (sleep apnea). The device requires a mask be worn which is generally attached to the head by straps and the mask is connected to the CPAP machine by a hose.

Generally speaking, CPAP is considered a success if worn by the patient for 4 hours per night for 5 of 7 nights. Due to the difficulty of wearing a mask at night and being “tethered” to the CPAP machine most medical studies report that compliance is 60% or worse. The machine is not easy to travel with, requires maintenance and can be a source of embarrassment. This is troubling despite the fact that non-controlled sleep apneics live 7 years less than the general population.

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